Emma Maersk / The largest container ship

Emma Maersk is a container ship of the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group. When she was launched, Emma Maersk became the largest container ship ever built, and as of 2007 the longest ship in use. Emma Maersk is able to carry around 11,000 TEU in the calculation of the Maersk company which is about 1,400 more containers than any other ship is capable of carrying.

Dimensions, tonnage, capacity, speed, deadweight etc.

Port   Arrival Departure
Yantian 2020-06-082020-06-09
Tanjung Pelepas 2020-06-122020-06-14
Colombo 2020-06-172020-06-18
Suez Canal 2020-06-252020-06-25
Suez Canal 2020-06-262020-06-26
Port Tangier Mediterranee 2020-07-012020-07-02
Felixstowe 2020-07-052020-07-06
Hamburg 2020-07-072020-07-10
Antwerp 2020-07-112020-07-13
London Gateway 2020-07-142020-07-15
Le Havre 2020-07-162020-07-17
Port Tangier Mediterranee 2020-07-212020-07-22
Suez Canal 2020-07-262020-07-26
Suez Canal 2020-07-272020-07-27
Salalah 2020-08-012020-08-02
Abu Dhabi 2020-08-052020-08-07
Jebel Ali 2020-08-072020-08-08
Ningbo 2020-08-222020-08-24
Shanghai 2020-08-252020-08-26
Nansha New Port 2020-08-292020-08-30
Yantian 2020-08-312020-08-31
Tanjung Pelepas 2020-09-042020-09-05
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