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8 Nov 2010

latest_maersk_line.jpgBy collaborating closely with terminals on one of the strings between Asia and Europe, Maersk Line has reduced the time each vessel stays in the port. Next year, the project which is called “Terminal Partnering” will go global.

Since June, Maersk Line has been working with a multitude of different
terminal operators, including Hutchinson Ports Holdings, Modern
Terminals Limited and APM Terminals to reduce the time that each vessel
stays in ports on the route between Asia and Europe. In many ports, the
project has so far reduced total port time required by up to 15%, but
the ambition remains to reach 30%.

“We look at all aspects of a vessel call”, says Steen Knudsen, who is
heading the project under Maersk Line’s On-time Delivery Leap.

“It is not about just adding terminal resources to our vessels; we also
focus highly on vessel preparedness and the entire port stay from
arrival at the pilot station to dropping off the pilot on our way to the
next port. The fleet has been very cooperative in assisting to realise
some time savings potential,” he explains.

Cooperating for more efficiency

The project allows not only Maersk Line to increase reliability by
reducing the time in ports. It also helps terminals to improve
efficiency. One example is to truly understand the root causes of
efficiency loss in the yard crane operation.

“We are able to identify improvement areas in both the way Maersk Line
manages the flow of data and the way that the yard equipment is
physically operated within the terminal facilities. We have witnessed
improvements from a starting point of 70% effectiveness to 90% and above
in the terminals”, says Andy Lane, Terminal Engagement Leader in Asia.

For APM Terminals, the project has helped optimise the space on
terminals and drive more business through the existing capacity.

“The exciting thing is that terminals and Maersk Line are now working
closely together on the hand-over processes with both parties being
willing to change in sync to optimise both sides, says Key Client
Director Lars Koch-Soelyst who adds that APM Terminals will apply the
learnings to other terminals before they become formally involved in the

Going global

The project will go global through 2011 with Maersk Line rolling out
across all terminals in the main liner network maintaining the target to
reduce the time of port stays by 30%. According to Steen Knudsen, the
project will have far-reaching impacts on the business.

“By getting vessels out of the port earlier, we’ll be able to reduce
bunker consumption. Other benefits are that we can also create
opportunities to add extra port calls to — or even take a vessel out of —
a rotation,” he says.

Source: Maersk


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